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X-ray Developers and Viewers

We maintain a class leading role in x-ray developers to support the film based practices. From the extremely simple to the fully automated.

If what you are chasing is not listed, please contact us as we have a wider range available on catalogue.


Girardelli X-3D
A traditional 'auger' carrier intra oral developer

The Girardelli X-3D is the classic dipping developer with the films carried through baths on a spindle and hanger arrangement.

This X3D is a simple and trouble free system that is familiar to staff and supports manual processing where a 'splash and dash' is needed for endodontic


Girardelli X-3D Brochure


Girardelli X-1
There is no simpler

Possibly the simplest developer solution apart from your home made. Fabricated from chemical resistant materials, to clean dump in the sink and scrub.

The X1 has no moving parts, screw on lids for chemistry (air tight), this 'jam jar' type developer is the perfect emergency backup film processing unit.


Girardelli X-1 Brochure

Durr XR 04 Film Developer
Practical, compact and extremely reliable.

The Durr XR04 Film Processor is available in both non heated and heated versions

Compact and appropriate the Durr can be mounted on a bench stand or on the wall and is easy to maintain

Imaged left with optional stand 9/10 users will simply wall mount to save the bench space.

Durr XR 24 Film Developer
Reliable technology for precise images to OPG and Ceph size.

Dürr Dental offers ideal solutions for all surgery sizes and dental film formats to meet the highest requirements. Their developing machines save on costs and time, are easy to use, and deliver precise image results. In today‘s digital world, choosing Dürr Dental remains a reliable way of ensuring the best possible quality in wet film development. In order to guarantee the highest degree of quality, the family business Dürr Dental manufactures almost exclusively in Germany.

Dux X-ray Film Viewers
OPG Sized Viewers

Available in desk or wall mounted

Other sized viewers available on request.


Durr XR-04 Brochure


Durr XR-24 Brochure

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